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Meet Our Staff

We would like to introduce to you our amazing team

that makes Shredding Barriers so special!

Alyssa Smith
Shredding Barriers Coordinator


Reisha is one of many skills, she currently has two jobs including Shredding Barriers. She is a born team leader and is always happy to help.


Jarius is one of our more playful employees. He loves to try and scare people, use the force, or play finger guns with you. He is a fun loving and energetic guy.


Jordan loves rock music especially working. he is a man we consider to be famous around town.


This is Ashby, she has her own horse that she loves to ride whenever she can. she is very focused when it comes to working.


Say hi to Takane, she lives part-time in Canada and Japan. She is very bubbly and loves making friends.


Conner has such a bright smile, and he is an amazing dancer. He also likes to bring home the paper shavings for his brothers pet rabbit.


Tyler is our curious shredder. He will ask a bunch of questions, which more that often relate to free things he can get.


This is Emily, she loves horses and getting her nails done. Emily has her own horse that she likes to ride every week.


This is Miguel, this is his first job and he loves to sort. He loves listening to Queen and staying healthy.


Meet Richard, a man who proves every day, that chivalry is not dead. A true gentleman.

Luke B

Meet Luke, he always makes us smile. He loves to sing and dance while working.


David is always professional and is very independent, he lives in his very own apartment by himself.


Mandy is kind and always willing to help. She loves Frozen and her nickname is queen Elsa.


Carson loves going to plays and hanging out with his friends. He loves to sort and is always happy going on pick ups.


This is Josh. He is always full of energy and loves to clean up. Josh will always greet you with a hug.


This is Scott. This is Scott's second job, he loves to work and talk about sports.


Andrew is the biggest fan of friends, he has all their merch and wears it proud. Andrew is always willing to help and come in on days off.


Meet Pauline, She has such positive energy you can't help but smile around her. Pauline is also a loving aunt.


Amy is our theatre employee, she has been in so many plays and is a born star. Amy has a bubbly personality and is friendly to everyone.


Matthew is such a hard worker. he always comes in on his days off and ask if we need help. He loves to play soccer and hangout with his friends.


Frankie loves theatre and loves to sing. Frankie is super friendly and positive.

Luke M

This is Luke, this is his second job and he is amazing at juggling both. He loves to visit his brother in Calgary.


Meet Rachael, this is her first job. She has such high energy and is so fun to be around.


Spencer is a ball of energy and always so happy. Spencer loves to listen to the Beatles and hang out with his friends.


Meet Ben, he loves to sing and dance to Highschool Musical. He also competes in the Special Olympics.


Brooke is a high energy, hard working employee. She use to powerlift and has a great work ethic.