Shredding Barriers is unlike any other document destruction service that serves the Brantford/Brant area. Not only do we offer safe and secure destruction of your documents, we are providing opportunities for people living with developmental disabilities in our community. We believe in equality, and we want to remove barriers to employment. In fact we’re not just removing barriers – we’re shredding them!

Shredding Barriers is a social enterprise of Crossing All Bridges Learning Centre (CABLC). In 2003 a group of local mothers (our four founding members) wanted something different for their children living with developmental disabilities. At the age of 21 their children had aged out of the public school system. Unfortunately the next stages in life, including post-secondary education and/or independent living, were not manageable for them. These forward-thinking mothers wanted more for their children then being home all day or attending a day program that didn’t offer meaningful engagement. They wanted continued learning and life skill development. In November of 2003, CABLC opened its doors with two staff and 10 students and started delivering on its mission “to provide dynamic programs and opportunities designed to maximize individual potential for adults living with developmental challenges.” Today, 14 years later, CABLC serves almost 70 families from the Brantford, Brant and Norfolk communities.

Finding employment in today’s economy is challenging for the typical adult, it is even more of a challenge for adults with developmental disabilities. Barriers include stigma, communication, inexperience, and accessibility. When you choose Shredding Barriers, not only are you being provided with a valuable service, you are providing meaningful and paid work to a deserving group of individuals who otherwise wouldn’t be given the opportunity.