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Thanks to Advantage Vinyl, the shredding van is ready for pick-ups. Advantage Vinyl did an amazing job on our van, capturing the positive outcomes of this awesome service to our community. Keep an eye out for us while driving around town. Keep an eye out for our van around town. Thank you to Advantage Vinyl for the amazing work and excellent customer service!

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Thank you to Brantford Expositor and Brant News for helping Shredding Barriers tell their story. Shredding Barriers is here and ready to Shred!

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The German made Destroy-it 4107 shredding machine provides high quality cutting shafts to destroy your sensitive documents. Not only is the Destroy-it 4107 perfect for getting the job done and ensuring top security, it is also perfect for the employees of Shredding Barriers. With a conveyor belt to eliminate contact with cutting knives, safety lock and key, automatic power cut-off and self-oiler, this machine makes the job easily accessible for our employees. The large push buttons with optical indicators to show operation status makes this machine a perfect fit. Check-out the link below to watch just how easy this machine is to use and how it can destroy your documents.